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After many years of hard work and tests we succeeded to develop
a new generation of pulse induction. It is perfect with its speed and
depth on different terrains. Taking into account the complexity of
such kind detectors and onstacles we succeeded to develop a
maschine which works in its unique way..

Pulse relic detector is specially designed pulse induction technology detector to search for targets larger than a coin.
Especially when this detector is that it collects and amplifies the signal by a few small items which are not adjacent to each other in the ground.
Such is the case with scattered coins in the ground or pot with coins.
More knowledgeable seekers of antiques know that scattered coins in the ground detect very difficult by most metal detectors.

in this detector is achieved all signals can be grouped and reinforced for maximum depth of Detecting.
The unit has an automatic Ground Balance (not fixed) for the convenience of the operator.

Detector offers extreme depth of detection of metals, very light and enjoyable work, not tired operator .

Everything is built into the casing, batteries, electronics coil.
Special measures are taken for the smooth operation of electronics in strong magnetic fields.

Setting a threshold of sound and setting the size of the objects .

These are the settings used for maximum effective searching .

tech info

Technology of the Pulse Detector compete with MPS and DVT. Thanks to the polyphonic sounds objects can be recognized by its specific geometry and conductivity. In addition to that the polyphony carries information about the location and depth of the object, so we call it 3D Sound. The method of detector to eliminate of earthy effect allows its work with mono antennas on all terrain, regardless of the level of mineralization, which is unachievable by most of the detctos on the market. About us pleasure and coMfort for prolonged use are also very key factor, that's why we took the PULSE RELIC detector to be compact and lightweight. And because we are proud of our results and we would like to share with everybody, the price of our product is the most accessible.